There’s Always a Gladys

There’s Always a Gladys

By Sue Marsh.

Old lady in hospital

Every single time I’m in hospital, there will be an old lady in my bay that I fall in love with.

Way back in 1995, it was Gladys. Gladys would flirt with my Dad, every time he walked onto the ward greeting him with a loud “Allo Faaarver”, offering to share her humbugs with him. The NHS was in a very dark place indeed in 1995. After 16 years of Conservative erosion, staffing levels…

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Illegal Migration To Europe: What Should Be Done?

Illegal Migration To Europe: What Should Be Done?

By Paul Collier.*

Paul-Collier-newThere is a real and present danger of overt hostility of majority populations towards the minorities established in the EU. An important factor fuelling rising hostility is the sense that immigration is out of control, most visibly manifested in the rapid increase in illegal and dangerous forms of entry.

Migration policies are in evident need of urgent reform. The EU needs an…

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Tricky Questions For Scots Lucky Enough To Have A Vote

By John Kay

John-KayThe first 150 years of union with England were a time of extraordinary economic and intellectual development in Scotland, which thrived on access to free trade across the British empire. Even during its 20th-century revival – and despite relatively poor economic performance as heavy industry in the west of the country collapsed – romantic nationalism failed to gain a significant…

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Can Palestine Win the Peace?

Can Palestine Win the Peace?

Daoud Kuttab*


RAMALLAH – The rollout of the war-ending ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestine last month was impressive. With almost perfect synchronization, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced the end of the war on Gaza in a televised broadcastfrom his Ramallah headquarters, while Hamas leaders called on Palestinians in Gaza to take to the streets to celebrate their…

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Better Together’s Dutch Auction

Better Together’s Dutch Auction

By Ashley Perks

Cameron, Clegg and Milliband

Wall-to-Wall media coverage of the debates ahead of the Scottish referendum, whether in pages of newspaper print or endless back-to-back TV debates, interviews, town hall meetings or mini-marquees on every high street (manned by enthusiastic Yes campaigners- No supporters are a no-show across the land) and on and on ad nauseum.Many, given the financial freedom so to do, would be…

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Signs Of Revival?

By Ashley Perks.

Child abuse victim

Child abuse victim

As itis almost impossible to watch the news these days, such are the horror stories that abound both at home and abroad, one surely has to be asking just how much we can endure. Historical child-abuse scandals emerge into the light of media attention in Rotherham with not only six offenders jailed but now serious questions are being asked about who were the…

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